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Talk with your customers in their language.

Language is no longer a barrier to business.

That Translator Pod is a turnkey solution enabling anyone to intuitively, effectively and securely talk face-to-face with their customers in their preferred language. Whether you need to communicate in a commercial, customer support or any other scenario, if language is a barrier to communication That Translator is the ideal solution. 

Based on leading edge AI, hardware and cloud services from leading technology market leaders (Apple, Google and Microsoft), That Translator Pod can be used by anyone, regardless of his culture, without the need for extensive training. It is delivered ready to use and once the tablets are connected to your WiFi it is immediately operational.  

As shown in the short video above, through the intuitive user experience, users will take turns speaking their language in their device and will both see the transcript of what they said as the system recognized it, and the translation, in their language of the other user's sentences. 

That Translator can also be used for accessibility use cases to more easily and better serve deaf or hard-of-hearing customers. Check out our FAQ for more details on this use case.

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Easy Conversations


That Translator converts your conversations to translated text allowing you to talk face to face with your customers, business associates and partners. Each side of the conversation is displayed on two iPads making it easy to follow, and comfortable to talk, regardless of the user's culture.

Advanced Tech


That Translator uses the latest AI and cloud based technology to create a seamless experience.  Background noise interference is drastically reduced because of the directional microphone attached to each iPad giving you accurate voice recognition and translation. Custom Neural Network Translation Models can be created for your domain of knowledge.

Secure Solution

In today's world it's important to ensure your data remains secure and private.

All communications from and to That Translator tablets are encrypted using industry standards.

In addition, conversations are never recorded on our cloud servers or the tablets.