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About That Translator

That Translator came to life after the realization in 2018 from former Microsoft Research engineers that speech translation was not something that could just be integrated in a simple app and work well enough for real-life scenarios.


Each scenario, to work in real life, needed to be carefully with an integrated  hardware, software and cloud service solution catered and with a user experience optimized for this scenario.

Based on feedback demonstrating early application ideas with organizations such as the City of New-York and Boston, the MET, the United Nations and the UNESCO, the idea of the That Translator Pod took form.

The first of many scenario-focused solutions, That Translator Pod was launched late 2018 and has customers using it for reception desk or one-on-one discussions in city halls, medical centers, residential buildings and more.

Learn more about the current state of speech translation and its history on the Microsoft blog. And for the geeks like us that love to understand how things work, this page from the Microsoft Translator team explain how speech translation works

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