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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find below a list of frequently asked question. This list is updated as new questions are asked by our customers.


Can't find the answer to your questions? Contact us and we'll reply to you within 24 business hours. We may even add your questions below if other customers may have the same question.

The questions are organized along the following categories:

  • Connectivity

  • Security

  • Updates and support

  • Hardware 

  • User Experience 


Is there a minimum WiFi and Internet speed and latency required?

The That Translator Pod’s iPads can be connected to any WiFi connection. There is no hard requirement with regards to the speed or latency as the solution architecture and speech translation API are quite resilient to latency (so much that we regularly demo them using our phone’s own Internet sharing feature!). The only impact of more latency or a lower bandwidth will be the initial response time (from speech to text), as sending the translated text to the second iPad is a very small payload, especially compared to the audio portion.

Do I need special ports to be open or DNS settings to use That Translator?

That Translator does not require any specific settings on the device or permissions on your network. As long at the device can access www.google.com (the app uses this to test, if an issue arises, if the issue is due to network connectivity) through the device browser it should work just fine.


Is the data encrypted?

All connections between the iPad and both That Translator and the speech translation API services are encrypted using standard SSL technology. 

Is my data stored?

Nothing is recorded on That Translator or the speech translation API (Microsoft’s) servers. 

Once the audio is sent to the translation API from the first iPad, it is not recorded by Microsoft (see Microsoft Translator Azure Cognitive Service for the full terms of services), the source (coming from the speech recognition portion of the API), and target language (coming from the translation API) texts are sent back to the iPads and are not recorded by Microsoft either. 

That Translator servers do not record the text. Once the conversation stops, either by timing out or because one of the parties leaves the conversation, it is deleted from the iPads too.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes. As That Translator and the services it relies on do not record the conversations we are fully compliant. Account-related data (i.e. Pod ID, etc.) stored on our server to enable the service can be deleted, once the subscription has been cancelled, upon request.

Updates and support

How does the That Translator app get updated?

That Translator is an Apple authorized business app. It can be updated like any iPad or IOS app. As any other iPad app, the app is updated using the Apple app store update feature. 

You can subscribe to our product update email or check the support section of the website for a list of updates in the latest release. 

How to I install the app on a new iPad if I need to replace my device? 

That Translator is distributed and secured through the Apple business app process. Therefore installing the app on a new device requires a few more steps than a regular consumer app.

  1. First, you need to contact That Translator customer support at info@thattranslator.com.

  2. Then, we will, through the Apple Business Apps back end, create a new redemption code for your new device. With Apple Business Apps, each app is linked to a particular device and cannot be installed without enabling this at the back-end level.

  3. Then, from the app store on your device, you will scroll down and click on "enter redemption code" to enter your code.

  4. From there you will be able to install the app on your device

  5. The last step will be to go into the app settings (clicking on the cog icon on the app home page) and enter your user ID, password, Pod ID and iPad number (1 or 2, depending on which iPad you are replacing). If you have lost them we can easily provide them for you.


If I have a technical question who should I contact?

Email our team at info@thattranslator.com and we'll reply within 24 business hours. (note: we're on Pacific Time!)


Can I have more details about the tablet stands you offer?

We offer by default two stand options. The fixed one has a metal stand that can be optionally screwed or locked to a desk or counter. The mobile one protects the tablet like a phone case does and has a foldable leg to be at the appropriate angle when used. 

Additional options are available is required and may require additional fees.  For more details on the stands we offer please refer to their respective webpages:

In addition, here are additional options for the metal stand:

What microphone is That Translator using?

We selected Rode's Videomicme microphone for the That Translator Pod. This selection was done after extensive testing for our particular speech translation scenario. This professional microphone not only has great sound capture quality it is also a directional one which is very important to filter the ambient noise in the seetings That Translator is typically used.

Can I use another microphone?

The microphone we offer has been carefully selected to optimize the sound quality when voice is captured. Although other microphone may work well enough, we do not advise to replace it with any other to ensure the optimal voice input quality. If the input quality is decreased, it can have (depending on your noise environment) significant impact on the speech recognition and therefore translation quality.

Can I replace the iPads with my own iPads?

The That Translator Pod is a turn-key solution and is provided with all the needed hardware, software and cloud service needed. 
If a tablet has an issue the first year, we will replace it at no cost. After the first year, a customer can either request a repair or replacement from That Translator or purchase its own iPads that can then be set-up to use in the iPad Pod.

Can I have other types of stands for the pod?

There are other options, such person-height stand-like stands that exist that we can offer for specific sue cases. Please contact us at info@thattransaltor.com for more details.

Can I get more than one year of service for my hardware?

Yes, if you want an extended service comprising hardware support for up to 3 years please contact info@thattranslator.com for more a proposal based on your project needs.

User Experience

What languages are supported?

This page lists the supported languages.

How can I lock the iPad user interface to ensure it always remains on the That Translator app, not letting users navigate other apps on the tablet? 

If you keep one or both iPads in Kiosk mode, or guided access mode, no one will be able to navigate to other apps because they will not be able to get out of the That Translator app unless they know the PIN code you set up. We highly recommend this approach to offer a more robust and visitor-friendly experience. 

To learn more about Guided Access on iPad please visit: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202612

Can I use That Translator to support my deaf or hard-of-hearing visitors?

Absolutely! This is one of the key use-cases for the Pod. 

To achieve this just have visitors select their preferred language, whether it’s the same than the other person or not, and then select the keyboard to type his or her messages if the visitor does not speak or does not speak the receptionist language. If the visitor speaks the receptionist language, he or she can just use the device as a virtual closed-captioning device, the receptionist being the only one speaking (or typing).

A couple (among many) of possible use cases are:

  • An English speaking deaf or hard of hearing visitor in an English-speaking country:

    • He or she will start a conversation selecting the English language and typing as the input mechanism. 
      (note: speech is not possible as speech recognition acoustic models need to be adapted to deaf of hard-of-hearing personal accent to work properly) 

    • This visitor will speak directly to the receptionist.

    • The receptionist will select English as his or her language and will talk into the That Translator app. 

    • The visitor will be able to read the answer, in English, on the device facing him or her

  • A Spanish-language deaf visitor that is not able to talk is visiting a German company:

    • The visitor selects Spanish and text input then types his or her questions

    • The receptionist selects German and speech input, then speak in German into the device.

    • Both will see the text translated from the other in their own language. 

Does the That Translator Pod works from behind a safety glass? How far away can the two iPads be from each-other?

The two tablets connect to each other via the That Translator cloud service using Wifi. They do not need to be physically in proximity to work, they can even be on separate 

I already have an iPad with my Point of Service/Sales (PoS) system, can I purchase on one iPad with stand and use my existing iPad with the That Translator app on it?

The That Translator Pod is a turnkey system that is installed and tested at our lab (or our approved distributors labs). If your PoS can support the directional microphone it is technically feasible to use it as the second tablet. However, this will add additional installation and support efforts and cost.


Please contact us at info@thattranslator.com if this is an option you would like to investigate further.