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  • Kelly Altom

Talk with your customers in their language with That Translator

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

We are proud to announce the general availability of a language translation solution for face to face customer communication: the That Translator Pod.

Combining technology from Apple, Microsoft and Google, That Translator delivers a fast, easy and comfortable language translation experience for any company or organization with international customers.

A That Translator Translation Pod includes two iPad tablet computers running the That Translator mobile app. Both iPads are in a metal stand with an attached directional microphone that reduces background noise and enables accurate translations even in noisy environments.

It is easy to start a That Translator conversation. A customer wanting to engage in a conversation selects their native language and begins to talk. Their words are translated and the translation appears on the second iPad in the Pod. The second conversation participant can reply in the same way.

The look and feel of That Translator can be customized to fit into a business theme. Language translations can be customized for businesses that have unique terminology. That Translator is localized and ready for use in any country.