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  • Kelly Altom

That Translator == human?

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Parity with humans is the goal of Machine Learning. In most areas parity is a long way off. In language translation it is much closer, it may even be here.

In March 2018 Microsoft Research announced that they created a translation system that's capable of translating news articles from Chinese to English with the same accuracy as a human.

ThatTranslator uses the Microsoft Translator API for language translation. The system that achieved human parity is not yet part of the Translator API, but I am told they are working on it.

Face to face translated conversations with ThatTranslator will let you talk to your customers in their language. There will be some mistakes, but the mistakes are minor and will not keep you from connecting with your customers.

Microsoft Research put up a website that lets you play around with the new system.

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