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  • Olivier

Title VI LEP support with That Translator

With That Translator Pod, administrations can easily and cost-effectively offer support for non-fluent English speakers (aka abide by Title VI Limited English Proficiency or LEP requirements).

By adding a That Translator Pod to their reception desk for instance, cities, tribunals, fire or police departments and any other public administration will be able to offer a convenient and easy to use solution for their constituents to talk to their staff without the hassle and cost of immediately having to call a phone translation service thereby saving effort, time and money.

Whether That Translator is used to tackle 80% (or more) of the situations where a full blown human translation service may be an overkill, or as a first step to engage the user and sort through some issues while waiting for a human translator to become available, That Translator will improve customer service by immediately and conveniently removing the language barrier.

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