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That Translator Pod pricing

That Translator Pod is a turnkey subscription solution. It is delivered ready to use and just requires the customer to connect it to its WiFi to function to start talking to your customers in their language.

The first year of subscription, the once-time hardware cost is included in the price. The hardware is for you to keep regardless of whether you continue or stop the subscription after the first year. The following years, the subscription encompasses all the software, cloud services and support elements of the solution.

That Translator Pod
  • Hardware

2 iPads 9.7" 6th generation​

2 fixed or mobile iPad stands*

2 high-quality professional directional microphones

  • Software

License for 2 That Translator application​ (one per tablet) for one year including bug and feature updates

  • Cloud Services

That Translator Cloud service​

Speech recognition and machine translation service for 12 spoken and 60 written languages

  • Integration and support

System integration, configuration and end-to-end testing in our labs​

One year of phone and email support

*  Additional stand options as well as locking mechanisms are also available upon request 

** Introductory price valid for all order by 12/31/2019

*** Shipping in continental US is included in the price. Does not include a refundable deposit of  $800.

Contact us at info@thattranslator.com for more information

  • Speech and translation models customization is possible. Customizing either or both speech language models and neural machine translation models based on your industry (healthcare, engineering, legal, government, education, etc) can significantly improve the speech translation quality when uncommon domain specific terms are used.

  • That Translator app customization such as adding your company branding on the home page or custom color scheme is also available.

  • Volume pricing for purchase of five systems or more is available.

European customers: please contact our distributor MyDataLinx for a quotation and information