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That Translator Pod

Turnkey & Ready to go!

That Translator Pod is a turnkey solution comprising everything needed to get you talking to your customer in their language intuitively, effectively and securely: Hardware, software, cloud service, integration, and support.

When you order a pod you receive two iPads in a fixed or mobile stand as well as two high-quality and directional professional microphones. The That Translator app is already installed on the tablets, configured and ready to go. You only need to connect both to a WiFi network and you can start translating conversation with your visitors.

Need more information? Download our product datasheet and check our FAQ.

How it works

User experience

To translate, the user only has to follow three easy steps:

  1. The user clicks on the speak button (or type on the keyboard depending on the chosen input method)

  2. The user then talk, in her chosen language, using a normal speaking voice. There is no need to make unnaturally short sentences or pay particular attention to speed. However, poor articulation -such as mumbling- or non-native accents, can have an impact in the speech recognition quality and therefore the end translation too.

  3. Finally, the user clicks on the same button to "send and translate"

The speech recognized is displayed on the speaker's screen. The translated text on the other tablet.

The flow can then proceed back and forth for as long as needed. Once the conversation ends or after a period of inactivity, the conversation is deleted from the tablets.


That Translator data flow

Once the system has been connected to WiFi, the two tablets in the Pod are identified in That Translator cloud servers as being part of this Pod. 

When a user starts a conversation she selects her language and input method (speech or on-screen keyboard) through and intuitive user interface. That Translator app on this tablet 1 then informs the That Translator cloud service that it is ready to start a conversation. Once the other user has done the same on tablet 2, the conversation starts. 

When user on tablet 1 (or 2 ) has spoken the audio file is sent to the speech recognition and translations service. The resulting original language transcript and translated text is sent back to this originating tablet 1. 

Finally, tablet 1 sends the translated text to the That Translator cloud service which will then send the text to tablet 2. And the flow can continue this time starting from tablet 2.

Why That Translator?


That Translator has an intuitive, easy to use interface. The set up with angled devices separated by as much distance as needed (it also works behind a glass) makes  it a comfortable experience regardless of the user's culture. 


Built on leading edge AI powered speech recognition and machine translation technologies from a industry leader That Translator can translate real-life conversations without the awkwardness or set-up complexity of phone apps.

Using  professional grade directional microphones, That Translator will ensure an optimum sound quality for the best speech recognition possible.


That Translator communications are encrypted end-to-end and conversations are never stored on any cloud servers. Once a conversation concludes, the text is also erased from the tablets.  The metal stands can also be secured  and locked to avoid theft.